Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eating Out

My daughter and I have come to the conclusion that we just really don't much like to eat out any more. Granted, food preapred at home is always superior, but there are times one just plain does not feel like or want to cook and frankly wants to be served for a change. There lies the rub. Unless the restaurant is a know vegetarian/vegan establishment, one must examine closely and quiz the waiter/waitress about the menu.

For example:
Vegetable plate. Seems harmless, right? Mashed potatoes are made with milk and butter. Collards and green beans are often cooked and served with bacon bits. Many vegetable dishes are cooked with chicken broth.

Barbecue. Red light flashing, I know! But there is the baked potato and garden salad to be had. However, they have a tendency to put bacon bits on both. Ugh.

Hamburger joints. Many these days offer to substitute a veggie patty. Yay! Not so fast. Those veggie patties are more than likely cooked right on the same grill with the meat patties. Yuck!

Soup and salad restaurants. Right up the vegan alley, right? Only if you pay attention. Many nowadays actually label the bar offerings so you'll know nothing nasty is hiding in there.

This is all just an example of how tedious it can be to dine out. Seriously, I just want to order something without having to worry what it was cooked in or with. Is that really so difficult? Well, yes, it is. But at least I have found a handful of places locally that when I choose to eat out - like we are tonight - I can find menu items that aren't suspect.
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