Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cruelty Free Reuben Sandwiches

I didn't exactly grow up eating Reubens, but my parents love them. When I told them I was going to make a version with mushrooms, they shuddered. Seriously, they stared at me in disbelief. Mushrooms? Surely they didn't hear me correctly.

Well, I don't know if mine could really be classified as a Reuben sandwich, but my non-vegan husband ate two. That is testament in and of itself.

Cruelty Free Reuben Sandwiches

Pumpernickel or rye bread
Vegan mayonnaise
Sauerkraut (I like Bavarian style)
Sliced vegan cheese
Sliced mushrooms

Toast the bread, then slather it with mayonnaise. Layer the mushrooms, then the sauerkraut, then top with a slice of cheese. Broil until the cheese gets melty. Serve. Enjoy!

Again, some washed out photo quality due to the flash, but trust me, these are delicious!
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