Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inside Out Burgers and Guacamole Potato Salad

A few years ago my father-in-law gave us one of the George Foreman grills for Christmas. I like it because it is easy to use, and doesn't require fire or my being outdoors in the heat and humidity. Granted, my hubby is the family grillmaster, but this is something I can do myself. Makes it convenient when I want a burger. Like today.

Inside Out Burgers

One package Lightlife Gimme Lean Beef (don't panic! It's vegan!)
1 t. salt
1 t. pepper
1 T. parsley
Sliced onion
Sliced tomato
Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds
Dijon mustard
Pickle relish
Vegan mayonnaise
Whole wheat burger buns

In a bowl, mix together well the beef, salt, pepper and parsley. Divide to make six patties. On top of the first three patties place a slice of onion, a slice of tomato and a sprinkle of the Daiya. On the next three patties add a teaspoon each of the mustard, pickle relish and mayonnaise and spread it on to cover most of the patty. Place one patty with the condiments on top of one patty with the vegetables and cheese and press together lightly.
Grill the patties. On the George Foreman grill I did this for about five minutes, but if you are using a regular grill or frying in a frying pan, I would do about 4-5 minutes per side.
On a hamburger bun, lay on some lettuce and top with the grilled burger. Nothing more need be added.
Warning! These are delicious but MESSY! Keep plenty of  napkins handy and enjoy!

I like using the Gimme Lean beef and sausage. I find them more versatile than what I've used in the past. The Gimme Lean Beef makes enough for six regular sized patties. For these burgers, since two patties were used on each burger, it made three. Adjust accordingly.

Guacamole Potato Salad

Five pound bag of potatoes, washed and cut into bite sized pieces (I rarely to never peel them)
One avocado, peeled and pit removed
Lime zest
2 limes
3 cloves garlic
Handful of cilantro
Vegan mayonnaise
2 celery stalks, sliced

Boil the potatoes in salted water until tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and allow to cool
In a food processor, add the avocado, lime zest, juice from the two limes, garlic and cilantro. Pulse until everything is well blended and creamy.
In a large bowl, add the cooled potatoes, avocado sauce, celery and enough mayonnaise to coat. Stir gently until all the potatoes are well coated. Taste and add salt if necessary.
It will be a light, beautiful shade of green!

My hubby, besides being our resident grillmaster, also fancies himself our resident potato salad maker. He does make some awesome potato salad, I'll give him that! But I like to try different versions. He gave this one a thumbs up. Success!

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