Wednesday, January 2, 2013

National Buffet Day

Today could potentially destroy your newly laid resolutions. Or not.

National Buffet Day is a day to enjoy as much food in as much variety as possible. There are variations on this plan: go to your favorite buffet restaurant, throw a potluck for friends, or in my house, it isn't Buffet Day as much as it is Leftover Day.

A side, albeit tiny, benefit of going to a buffet restaurant is you can claim the walking back and forth from buffet to table counts as exercise.

Due to the number of leftovers currently taking up fridge space in my house as far back as Christmas, I'm staying home, setting out all the leftovers and letting each family member pick and choose. The important thing is I have fewer to no leftovers left. Sounds like a plan to me!

One amusing note to this day is I discovered the Japanese word for buffet is viking. Since both my husband and I can boast Viking heritage (mine Norwegian, his Danish), I'm going to mention this to my kids. I am already imagining the good cheer and sloshing of beverages making toasts.

Mein Skol,
Dein Skol,
Alle Vakkera Flikka Skol.

My health,
your health,
all beautiful ladies' health.

Heilsa! And Happy New Year!

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