Friday, October 29, 2010

Cruelty Free Egg Salad

I've seen recipes for egg salad using tofu instead of eggs, but had yet to try one I liked. It wasn't the different ingredients that made the difference, it was the tofu. The rubberiness of eggs I'd eaten as a child just wasn't quite being matched by the squishiness of the tofu. I'd pretty much resigned myself to never eating anything like it.

And then inspiration hit.

I'd been experimenting with freezing tofu in water and then boiling after reading the suggestion from another vegan. Before I'd gotten the idea from her, though, I'd read about freezing tofu, but not in its own package. I'd purchased some tofu a few weeks ago, took it from its package, drained it, put it in a baggie and froze it. This does turn tofu yellow, but I'd been informed of this, so no worries. Anyway, the other day when I made my vegan catfish, I'd pulled out this baggied tofu and boiled it right along with the packaged tofu, planning on using it to make more of the catfish. TOTALLY different consistency, didn't slice at all, just crumbled.

That's when the light bulb went off.

I broke off chunks and put this formerly baggied frozen, then boiled, tofu and put them all in my food processor. Gave it a whiz, and voila! A crumbly mixture that resembled finely chopped egg, and even the mouth feel has the same consistency.

Doctored it up with some vegan mayonnaise, a little squirt of mustard, sprinkled in some salt and pepper and there it was! My very own egg salad, cruelty free!

You can add or remove anything from this mixture to make it your own. Some folks like to add some chopped onion or chopped celery or maybe some different spices. It is an entirely flexible recipe. Enjoy!

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