Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not!

As is typical for me, I start on one thing only to get side-tracked onto another. At least this time it flowed along the same lines! I was going back and forth from the fridge to gather up everything I needed for tonight's meal. In doing so, I see, for only the hundredth time, produce that needs pulled out and probably composted. I get the crockpot going and start pulling out all the produce I can find, and drop it all onto the counter, planning to dump all of it into a bowl to take out to my compost. I pull out the first items. Fruit. Hmm, this doesn't look too bad. Cauliflower is next. A little trimming, but still usable. Lo and behold several vegetables later, I've got a slew of veggies that are still in pretty good shape! I cut them up into small pieces, trimming away any parts that are bruised. Mix them together in a casserole dish, pour over some melted vegan butter. Next I pull out some vegan sour cream, mix it with some Daiya cheddar, slather it one top, pop it into a 350 oven for about an hour, and voila! Vegetable Casserole! It looks beautiful and tastes lovely, so I got a nice hot lunch for my efforts, and my compost pile did, too! The fruit I just peeled and sliced for dessert. Easy peasy!

Because of the wildlife in abundance in our suburban backyard (really!), rather than just dump the goods on top of the compost pile, I like to make what I call worm soup. I drop all the veggie trimmings, coffee grinds, tea bags, etc. into my blender, give it a whiz and instant worm soup! I pour this on top of my compost pile. Before I add it to the pile, I always say:
From the Earth you came
To the Earth you shall return.
Go with thanks.

It just seems appropriate to me to give thanks to the food that didn't directly feed my family, but will do so indirectly.

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