Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kielbasa and Potatoes in Foil

My dad is German, so I grew up eating sausage. You know how when you get sick, you seem to most remember the last food you ate, and feel even worse? That's what always happened to me with sausage.

And yet, I became vegan and wanted sausage. Go figure. Which is why it pleases me enormously that when those oddball cravings hit, I can either make my own, or more likely, pick up a package of Tofurky or Field Roast sausages.

So the other day the hubs wanted to grill out. Whenever he is so motivated, he always asks me what I'd like him to throw on the grill. Well, that aforementioned oddball craving tickled my tastebuds, so I told him that's what I wanted.

Kielbasa and Potatoes in Foil

For the Kielbasa, we used Tofurky and grilled it according to package directions.

Five large potatoes
One onion, sliced
4 T. vegan butter
1 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
1/4 t. caraway seeds

Wrap all the ingredients in a double thickness of heavy duty foil. Place the packet on the grill over medium hot coals and cook about 35 minutes. Check for tenderness and put back on if the potatoes aren't soft enough. Watch out you don't burn the potatoes!

I like to slice the sausage and serve it with a German mustard.

And the best part? No icky feelings afterward! Must be that whole cruelty-free thing, huh?


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