Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rice Crispy Treats

I grew up eating Rice Krispies Treats. I made them several times all by myself as a kid, and continued that tradition as I got older. It was a sad moment for me to discover marshmallows contained gelatin, and as a vegan, they seemed like something lost forever.

But that didn't happen!

We vegans, we find a way. Always.

I had heard there were vegan marshmallows out there, but hadn't really taken the time to look. I was at Whole Foods one day, when lo and behold my sight fell upon something wondrous! Vegan marshmallows! I snatched up a bag and into my shopping cart it went! Hallelujah! I didn't even have anything in mind to do with them, just wanted them to have on hand.

It was a little while later I thought of trying to make the treat from my childhood. I bought the store brand of the little crispy rice. I had some vegan butter at home. I followed no recipe, just what looked right.

I melted some butter on low and dumped the entire bag of vegan marshmallows into the pot. I stirred and stirred until it melted, then poured some of the cereal into the pot. I added as much as I thought looked good, and then added a little more. I stirred and folded, folded and stirred to make sure each little piece of cereal was coated.

I coated a baking pan, then poured in the hot, sticky cereal.

I didn't wait long - probably just until it was cool enough to touch - before pinching off a tidbit. It was so good! Happy dances were then performed in the kitchen before I forced myself away to let it finish cooling and setting.

I should say the pan didn't last long. I made everyone sample it (which, I should point out, none complained about that!).

Drat. Now I've made myself hungry for them. Okay, off to make some more!

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