Saturday, August 20, 2011

New York Times Veggie Burgers

Becoming a vegan was easy enough for my youngest. We had started reading The Food Revolution by John Robbins and it was a done deal. But when my aspiring firefighter son discovered the story of the Engine 2 firefighters in Austin, it pretty much cinched it for him.

New York Times Veggie Burgers

These yummy burgers from The Engine 2 Diet were not only good tasting, but surprisingly easy to make! Black beans, tomatoes with green chilies, cilantro, garlic and oats blend quickly and easily. Make into patties and bake and you've got dinner! Slice up some tomatoes, tear off some lettuce and slather on some vegan mayonnaise on a whole wheat bun.

If you are unfamiliar with Engine 2, their story is impressive. When firefighter Rip Esselstyn learned that one of his fellow Engine 2 firefighters in Austin, Texas was in dire physical condition with a dangerously high cholesterol level of 344, he motivated the entire Engine 2 firehouse to join together in plant-strong solidarity to help save the life of their friend. By committing to plant-based meals with Rip as their guide, all the Engine 2 firefighters in Austin lost weight (some more than 20 lbs.), lowered their cholesterol (Mr. 344′s dropped to 196), and improved their overall health.

We've made several of the recipes from the book, and each and everyone has been wonderful!

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