Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cranberry Orange Relish

A new Whole Foods opened in town recently, and we all piled into the car to check it out. While there, my daughter informed us of another, slightly similar but not as cool, store located just across the street from the new Whole Foods. I had friends who had been employed at this other store, so I had a knowledge of its existence, but had never visited. So, we did.

While there wasn't anything  new or exciting about it, there was one exception. A lady was giving out samples of foods to entice people to order complete dinners. We got to sample a cranberry orange relish and it was fabulous! I have always made a cranberry dish for Thanksgiving, but its always the same dish, every year. This recipe was quite different. I had to find a way to make it.

Cranberry Orange Relish

One navel orange, unpeeled and cut into chunks
One bag of fresh cranberries
3/4 c. stevia (see note)
Chopped pecans

Place everything except the pecans in a food processor and chop until finely chopped but not pulverized. Place the mixture to a bowl and add the pecans. Stir to mix well. Cover and chill overnight. Serve. Enjoy!

Note: As much as I love stevia, it did not sweeten this very much. In fact, it was quite a tangy dish. I later added a can of pineapple to it, and it greatly improved the sweetness.

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