Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Make new friends, but keep the old...

...one is silver and the other gold.

Who recognizes this? If you do, you are probably very awesome!

Anyway, Day 8 of Vegan Mofo's challenge is: Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it.

Honestly, and this will sound so very cheesy, I've met and made some very wonderful friends of the vegan persuasion on Facebook. They have educated me, informed me, turned me on to some fabulous cookbooks and recipes. They come from all walks of life and all over the world.

I've also met some pretty cool people locally, participating in vegan meet-ups and Vegfest. I've encountered other vegans in obvious places, like Whole Foods, and chatted up new vegans in regular grocery stores. The librarians at the library I favor have often asked me about the cookbooks I check out, and have kidding/not kidding suggested I share some of my dishes with them.

It is always a wonder to meet other vegans, and share the delight of the wealth of food we eat, the life we lead, and the places we shop.

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