Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vegan Mofo has begun!

So today begins the Vegan Month of Food. And today I will share what I eat for breakfast. I know, exciting, right?

Seriously, my breakfast is not exciting, but something I grew up eating, and still love today. And I know, I KNOW, you'll never be able to guess what area of the country I'm from once I tell you.


No, seriously. And not grits with milk and sugar or anything as disgusting as that. I eat my grits with butter, cracked pepper, and either vegan bacon or vegan sausage. That's how I love them best. And I never have breakfast without a cup of tea. That would just be wrong.

Sometimes I'll have a bacon sandwich. Vegan bacon slices on toast slathered with vegan mayonnaise. Kind of like a BLT without the LT.

So, what do you like to eat to get your day started?

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