Sunday, September 6, 2015

Re-create a restaurant meal: DQ Chick'n Finger Basket

Day six of Vegan Mofo challenges us to recreate a restaurant meal. I could have gone fancy. I could have gone ethnic. I could have gone fast food. Okay, I guess maybe I kinda did go fast food. I went with Dairy Queen.

Before we went vegan, we used to get the occasional chicken or steak finger basket at Dairy Queen. So unhealthy! We didn't even really miss it when we became vegans. That is, until we discovered Gardein. Man, they've kind of ruined us now. We really like their stuff!

There is absolutely no recipe here. We heat the gardein seven grain crispy tenders with some french fries. We toast Texas toast and whip up some vegan cream gravy. I still can't say it's very healthy, but for an occasional supper, it's a nice change.

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